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Vlad's Cat

Part One: Here, Kitty-Kitty~!

It was a cold night in Wisconsin and Vlad was sitting in the living room of his huge mansion, alone. He had a cup of tea in his hands warming his tried hands as swirls of steam gently rose from the cup. A fire crackled and burned passively within the hearth, illuminating inconsistent bits of light across the billionaire’s features. After spending the entire day mapping out the ghost zone, Vlad felt an of sense of injustice that the day was wasted.

He let out a small sigh as he took another sip of his tea. He stared into the embers of his fireplace, his brows bent down in a look of concentration. It was so quiet in his mansion, nothing but the sound of the fire accompanied Vlad on this dark night.

Vlad chose to live alone, he didn't want someone finding out about his lab or the fact that he was half-ghost. However that didn’t mean he enjoyed being alone. Vlad's face tightened as his thoughts turned to the reasons why he had become so secretive. He wouldn't be alone if that oaf hadn’t destroyed his life. No, he would be with Maddie and maybe have a child by now.

But that wasn’t the case. Jack Fenton ruined his life and stole his dreams and further more rubbed it in by marrying the girl he desired for so long and even now had a beautiful daughter. That could have been him. But, no. He was alone with nothing but secrets to fill his home.

Vlad let out another sigh and decided that there was no point to aggravating his mood any more than he did. Sleep hopefully will bring new thoughts to preoccupy him. It was time to go to bed. He got up, stretching his arms, and went to put out the fire.

But just as he was doing so, he felt chill slide down his shoulders and a gasp of cold mist slipped out of his mouth. His ghost senses went off. Vlad looked around, not seeing anything. He groaned in his mind, not wanting a ghost bothering him now. 'Maybe it's just that Dairy King again.' he thought, not wanting to make a big deal out of it now. He put out the fire and headed to his bedroom. The sound of his shoes created an empty echoing sound as he headed out from the den.

Clack, clack, clack, clack.


Vlad stop in his tracks, looking around. A brow rose up with dull curiosity 'Was that’ Vlad frowned. He doesn’t own a cat, and he was sure none of the ghosts that he employed held any desire to owning one either. He stay very still, but heard nothing. Shrugging, he started walking again.

Clack, clack, clack, cla-Meow.

"There it is again!" Vlad said, stopping. Again, he heard nothing. Vlad paused wordlessly before he started walking slower this time, his shoes softly hitting the floor.


Vlad quickly turned around and was shock to see a little kitten following him. Two pairs of wide strangely blue eyes peered up at him innocently. Vlad squinted down at the raven haired animal and bent down on one knee to lower himself. Doing this caused the small kitten to hesitantly draw back.

"How did you get in here?" he said out loud. No one answered him. Typical. The kitten rolled his ears back, hissing lightly at the billionaire. Vlad lift an eyebrow at the kitten. He held out his hand, wiggling his fingers. The kitten's ear perked up instantly as natural instincts drove the cat to see if these digits were edible and went straight up to Vlad's hand, sniffing curiously before taking a lick or two.

Vlad grinned lightly and gently picked the cat up. The kitten purred and cuddled in Vlad's arms weather the billionaire wanted it to or not. Vlad looked at the kitten, still trying to figure out how the small thing got inside his home. The kitten's fur was black, damp it stood up in various directions. It reminded him oddly of how a little boy might look like after running about in the mud and puddles on a rainy day… 'Wait, this is a boy, right?' Vlad thought, lifting the kitten up. The kitten hissed, almost as if indignant at the very idea of being examined and bit Vlad's thumb hard. Vlad winced and withdrew his hand quickly, glaring at the kitten.

"Well, I'm sorry, but I didn't know to either call you Miss or Mister.” Vlad said. The kitten made another hiss, glaring at Vlad. The kitten's eyes were very blue, which wasn't normal on a cat, right? Vlad eyed his thumb, which was bleeding. "Stupid cat. I better not get some strange disease from you." The kitten paused as though his little mind was considering the possibilities before he mewled at him, as if meaning to apologize. Vlad rolled his eyes at the kitten. Great… He has been alone for so long that he was picking out human characteristics from a cat. He really needed to go out and do something social or else he might start thinking the furniture was expressing human traits.

He didn't really want to admit this, but this kitten was cute in a scruffy sort of way. But, Vlad wasn't that much fond of cats anyway. People only get cats when they're lonely and depressed, and Vlad though Vlad could admit that he was indeed alone, he was positive that he was not those types of people. Vlad walked to one of the many exists in his mansion. He opened a door leading out into the large patio, a chilling air breezed in. The cat stiffened slightly. Regardless of the cat’s obvious signs of dislike, he placed the kitten down and gave him a slight nudge out the door.

"I don't know how you got inside, but you belong outside. So, shoo." The kitten made a loud mewling sound, trying to come back inside. Vlad pushed the kitten back outside and closed the door before the cat tried to come inside again. Vlad dusted his hands, noting to himself that he needed to wash them. He started walking away when the kitten started making loud screaming sounds, scratching the door. Vlad tried to ignore the kitten's pleads to come back inside, but that sound. It was so... Sad? No. Heartbroken? Good grief, why would it? Cute? Not really...Annoying! Vlad growled under his breath, rubbing his head.

"That stupid cat is giving me a headache already!" Vlad went back to door, opening it. The kitten was just sitting there, tilting his head. Vlad felt a vein on his head, throbbing. He let out a defeated sigh and picked up the kitten. "You win this time. But, first thing tomorrow, you're gone!" The kitten mewled happily as Vlad took him back inside the warm house.

In his bedroom, Vlad had already changed into his night wear, when he turned to see that the kitten was laying on his huge bed comfortably. Vlad glared at the cat before putting him back on the floor. He climb into his bed, pulling his covers. He heard the soft mewling from the kitten again, and saw that the kitten had climbed back on his bed. He growled again, but didn't bother to take the effort to pushing him off his bed.

"You better not put fleas on my bed.” He grumbled. The kitten mewed and rested near by where Vlad's feet were. Vlad rolled his eyes again, and closed his eyes, trying to fall asleep. He finally did, and the rest of the night went smoothly. Too bad he wasn't ready for tomorrow morning.


Vlad groaned when he felt the sun press against his eyelids lazily, demanding that he wake up and enjoy its rays. He opened his eyes, only to be slightly bleary eyed when he noted the rising sun peeking over the landscapes from his balcony window. Shutting his eyes and intending to keep them shut, Vlad raised his hands to gently rub the palm of his wrists into his eyes, muttering under his breath. Awareness arrived slower than he expected, but when it did, he couldn’t help but feel that there was an extra weight on his bed. And it wasn't that little kitten. Not only that, but he felt someone touching his chest, rubbing it lethargically like one would cradle a pillow. Vlad blinked slowly, noting the feeling, but stopped when he saw he was staring into a pair of blue eyes.

A moment of silence.

And then a scream.

"Aaahhgg!" Vlad fell out of his bed, still staring at the person on his bed. No wait, it wasn't a person. It was boy, with cat ears and tail. And he was naked. Trying to control his breathing, Vlad pointed at the boy. "Wha-? Who? Who are you?!"

The boy titled his head, his cat ears twitching before he opened his mouth and yawned, flashing a pair of irregularly long fangs. He then smiled and let out a giggle. Vlad tried to reclaim his calm again and he got up, but stayed away from the cat-boy on his bed. Vlad eyed him, who was still smiling back at him. 'This couldn't be that kitten I found yesterday. Maybe I finally gone mad.'

Suddenly, Vlad saw the boy's eyes glowed green for a second but faded back to blue. Vlad let out a chuckle, feeling so stupid. "Of course! How else did you get inside my house last night! You're a ghost, aren’t you?" The boy didn't say anything, as he was too interested in stretching lazily, much like a cat might do, before rolling over and turning away from the stunned man. Vlad paused slowly and raised a brow. 'Not too bright, are we?'

The boy suddenly tried to get off the bed after finding that his source of warmth had left the bed, but Vlad stop him before the covers fell away from the boy’s waist. Vlad heard the boy's stomach growling and the cat-boy let out a small purring mewl. Vlad sighed again, rubbing his temples methodically. He really didn't need this.

"Stay here." he said and went to his closet, trying to find clothes. Vlad pulled out one of his dress shirt and a pair of boxers. He gave them to the cat-boy to wear. The boy stared at them with confusion, not knowing what to do with the clothes. Vlad groaned again, rubbing his head. "Are you really that dense, boy?" Vlad said, as he helped the boy put the clothes on. The boy glared at him, knowing that Vlad just insulted him and bit his hand just as he was buttoning the last button to the blouse. "OW!"

A few minutes later, Vlad was in the kitchen, having a strong cup of coffee, while the cat-boy was happily eating a bowl of cereal. The boy hadn't said anything yet, just some whimpering sounds and such, telling Vlad that he was hungry. By the boy's figure, Vlad guessed that he was possibly a teen, maybe fifteen years old or so. He groaned as he listened to the loud munching sounds the boy was making as he devoured his cereal like he hadn’t eaten in days.

Vlad glared at the strange ghost cat boy… thing through tired eyes. The boy saw Vlad glaring at him and he smiled back at him innocently. Vlad needed to get rid of him, he didn't want another annoying ghost haunting his home… And unlike that stupid Dairy King, this ghost boy could easily be mistaken for being a human… and what kind of insinuations could arise if media got a picture of him dressed in only an extra pair of boxers and dress shirt.

The boy was licking his bowl clean, getting every piece of cereal into his mouth. He pouted when he saw that his bowl was empty and shoved it in Vlad's hands, demanding more. Vlad glared at him again. "Stupid boy, this is your third bowl, no more." The cat-boy made a whining sound, his eyes watering. Vlad looked away, ignoring him.

There was a moment were Vlad heard the teen move from his seat. Thinking that perhaps the boy was sulking or something of the likes like a normal child would, he gruffly huffed lightly. However, unlike a boy, the cat ghost didn’t sulk, but got out of his chair and clambered up onto Vlad's lap.

Vlad flushed bright red when he felt the boy purring and rubbing his head on Vlad's neck. Frowning, Vlad pushed the boy away from him, but the boy pouted at him.

"If you want more, ask. I'm not some kind of servant to you." Vlad growled out, making the cat-boy's ears fold back. The boy whined again, pawing on Vlad's chest. Vlad pushed his hands away, eyeing the boy.

"Can't you even talk?" The boy blinked at him, his ears twitching again. Vlad rolled his eyes. "I guess not, then. What am I supposed to call you? Boy? Cat?" Vlad rubbed his head again as he took another sip of his coffee.


Vlad coughed, almost choking. The boy giggled at the funny-face Vlad was making. "What?" Vlad asked. The boy pointed to himself and said with a smile, "Danny." Vlad lift an eyebrow at him.

"So… you can talk.” He said, trying to rid himself of the surprised expression on his face.“Danny, huh? Seems to fit you, but sounds like a nickname. Daniel must be your real name." Danny nodded, still smiling at Vlad.

Danny pointed at Vlad, his head titling again. "You?" Vlad blinked before smiling at Danny. He pointed to himself and said, "Vlad." Danny nodded, and grabbed his bowl again, shoving it in Vlad's hands.

"More food, Vlad!" Vlad frowned at Danny, his hands clutching the bowl. "What's the magic word, Daniel?" Vlad asked, hoping the boy knew what manners were. Danny glared and screamed, "NOW!" Vlad felt that vein in his head throbbing again. He gave Danny a hard tug on one of his cat ears, making the boy yelp in pain. "Stupid boy..."

My watchers: WHAT THE-?! This isn't SasuNaru!!! Or anything related to Naruto!!!! DDD<

Me: o.o;; Um, I can explain.

My watchers: *throws bricks, logs, and clown dolls at me*

Me: >.<;;; NOOOOO!!!!! -K.O.!-

o_O Er, ok. This is my first DP fanfic. Also, my first Vlad/Danny fic. YOU NO LIKE, YOU NO READ!!
Ehem. Since I'm still a bit new to the whole DP fandom and all, this fanfic will be totally AU. Danny's going to be a ghost-kitty, Vlad's still....Vlad, and Danny's not realted to his family. Why? Because I can make it so. >D Danny and Vlad might be OOC, so sorry if they are. Fear the slash dooooom!!! Ok, I'm done. This will be a three-shot story, because I hate writing freakin' chapters. Now, ON WITH THE FANFIC!! Hope you all like it. ^^;

This idea of the whole Kitty-Danny ghost...thing, was inspired by THIS PERSON HERE!!--->:icondinkelion: She draws the cutest Vlad/Danny pics AND she writes very good Vlad/Danny fics. ;w; SHE IS MADE OF AWESOMENESS!!! *squeals*

One of the picture she drew inspired me. It's....*looking, looking, lookin-* THIS ONE!--> [link]

Disclaimer: Vlad the sexy beast and Danny the cute kitty-boy, sadly does not belong to me. They belong to....that dude...Yeah. <_<;;


GAH! Got to start working on PART TWO!!! By the way, the reason for the random screaming is because I was watching Invader Zim ealier. Now...TAKE ME TO THE WEASLES!!!

Part One: Uh, ya reading it. -.-;

Part Two: [link]

Part Three: [link]
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"Vlad let out another sigh and decide that there was no point to aggravating his mood" decide should turn into decided.

"He groan in his mind, not wanting a ghost bothering him now. " groan - groaned

"The sound of his shoes created an empty echoing side as he headed out from the den." Side should be noise/ or sound

"He heard the soft mewling from the kitten again, and saw that the kitten had climb back on his bed." climb - climbed

"It was boy, with car ears and tail. And he was naked. " - car to cat

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